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AEA Mentoring Education Program

The success of the Mentoring Education Program is due to its focus on developing citizens of character. The program instills a cognizance of the responsibility associated with success. The AEA Mentoring Education program continues to instill values that will enrich participant’s lives and strengthen the community.

Currently, AEA is in and developing cooperative partnerships with independent school districts across the United States. Identified at-risk students under go a selection process based on need and desire to be in the program. They will abide by a strict lesson plan and be required to meet their performance objectives. Performance objectives include: attendance at school and training, consistent improvement of grades and excellent conduct at all times. The students receive a letter grade at the end of the semester.

Similarly, additional at-risk children are identified by referral and are provided lessons and mentoring which include: Tae Kwon Do training, counseling and grade management. The Mentoring Education Program is conducted on a yearly basis, with two school semesters and the summer session.

The instructional outline of each lesson is designed with the development of focus as the first goal. With this overall theme the participants are taken through periods consisting of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, stretching and strengthening and some very basic martial arts training. After students master the basics of focus and physical preparedness, more intensive training is employed. A clear step-by-step method is employed creating a primary series of goals and building confidence in the participants by mastery of each goal. Every three months participants who have earned the right participate in a special exam that focuses on physical, technical and mental elements. This exam provides the first major goal uniting the primary series of goals achieved.

Other assistance includes tutoring and grade management. Students are required to bring their progress reports and report cards to keep on file with the masters. Consecutively, world-class instructors relate personal stories of their walk to success and overcoming their fears, obstacles and challenges. This communication with the students provides a tangible relevance for understanding their situation and the more complex ideology of success
provided in the lesson plan.

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Elite Athlete Program

The “Elite Athlete Program” strives to eliminate the incidence of US athletes that are forced to give up their Olympic dreams due to lack of funds, or quality coaching and training. The AEA provides the very best in coaches and trainers, as well as financial support for competition. Elite athletes adhere to a strict regiment of training of between 4 to 7 hours daily, on a six day a week schedule. The athletes adhere to a strict regiment of athletic training. The cross training consists of:

· Flexibility Training: (static, passive, active and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)
· Aerobic / Anaerobic Conditioning: Consisting of distance running, intervals and sprints.
· Progressive Resistance: Conducted in three phases of strength, endurance and power.
· Plyometric Training: structured in intervals and specially designed for optimum performance.
· Olympic Tae Kwon Do Training: AEA methodology combines all aspects of cross
training and combines it with specific Tae Kwon Do skills and strategy, cutting edge
innovation and mental and moral strengthening.

The athletes are required to maintain their academic excellence, as well as produce athletically. They are provided a very high level of education in that they learn the strong moral values of giving back to the community. It is an on going cycle of humility and a strong sense of moral responsibility that are instilled in these unique individuals. It is the intention of the AEA to perpetuate this positive cycle.

A number of participant from the Mentoring Education Program have earned their way into this program. Success from this program includes, but are not limited to:

  • · Multiple World Cup Medalists with many gold.
  • · World Games Medallist.
    · Goodwill Games Team Captain.
    · World Championship Medallists.
    · Multiple Pan American Games Medallists with a 1999 gold.
    · Multiple Pan American Championships Medallists with many gold.
    · Eight U.S. National Team Members.
    · Six Collegiate National Team Members.
    · Six Jr. National Team Members.
    · Four Jr. Olympic World Championships gold medallists and one bronze.
    2000 Olympic Gold medallist.
    · 2001 World Championships Gold medalist.
  • · 2003 World championships Gold, Silver & Bronze medalists
  • Other assistance includes tutoring and grade management. Elite athletes are required to bring their progress reports and report cards to keep on file with the masters / coaches with the majority straight ‘A’ student and National Honor Society members. Additionally, these athletes receive counseling on life and career planning.


  • · Create individuals of strong moral character
    · Create individuals that understand the importance of mentoring those in need
    · Make the United States the number one Tae Kwon Do team in the world.
    · Create strong and product members of society
    · Create champions in and out of the competitive arena


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