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Any national competitor who is willing to devote at least two hour of their time to mentoring an at-risk child is welcome to join this organization. In so doing, the athlete will receive instruction on how to proceed with materials and support that will aid in their fundraising efforts and open the door to much larger donations due to the 501(c)(3) status.

Due to the unique mission statement, funds raised will be allocated for the athlete’s training and competitive expenses and for the at-risk child’s martial art education. The athlete will also then be posted (with all the prominent athletes) on the AEA website. This also will aid in their fundraising efforts.

This should answer all of your questions. If not, please direct any questions to Dr. Tom Paolino MD: Director of Fundraising

To become an AEA Mentor you must do the following:

1). Be accepted by Master Paris Amani and Master Jean Lopez as having potential to be competitive nationally in some form of martial art.

2) Identify an adult who will serve as your administrator. The Admininistrator must sign and be legally responsible for the conditions in the AEA contract (See Below). If the Mentor is 18 years or older, the Mentor can also be the Administrator.

3) The Administrator must select the Mentee ("at risk child"), See Home Page for a definition of "at risk child". The Mentee must be approved by Masters Amani and Lopez.

4) The Mentee musr recieve at least two hours weekly martial art training arranged by the Mentor and the Administrator.

5) For further information, please call Dr. Thomas Paolino - AEA Director of Fundraising at (401)732-6655. Please read the entire web site including the contract before calling Dr.Paolino.


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