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Child Crime and Violence

Juvenile crime is on the rise across the United States. Our nations youth face more challenges
and pitfalls today than their predecessors, and the negative influences are increasing. Violent
crimes perpetuated by children are evident with news of convenient store robberies, gang violence
and school shootings. An increasing number of our youth (our future) are falling victim
to a deteriorating family structure. A myriad of papers on the subject attribute this to the proliferation
of drugs and alcohol, an increased school drop out rate, the prevalence of street gangs
and accessibility to firearms. However we believe these to be symptoms of the true cause: the
break down of the family unit.

Youth violence and crime is no longer segregated to the inner cities, but seriously affects our
children’s safety at our local malls, playgrounds and schools. This is a nationwide problem that
is not isolated to a particular neighborhood or income area. With over 50% of marriages ending
in divorce, the economic conditions leading to two parent working families, the children depend
on other means of socialized learning. Children learn to commit crimes and perpetuate violence
through many sources: television, violent lyrics in popular music, movies, many professional
athletes, gangs and more. Violence is all around them and with no strong family ties, it is easier
for them to fall prey, and it is easy for them to lose hope. There is a lack of role models and
structure for our youth to follow. Children understand love through structure, strong example
and discipline, three ingredients sorely missing for them in today’s society.


Elite Athlete Funding Gap

Elite athletes in the United States face a financial burden not shared with their pears from
abroad. They struggle to support themselves and their families and carry this weight on their
shoulders when they compete internationally placing undo pressure on them and hindering
their results. Many US athletes are forced to retire early from competition before reaching their
full potential. With foreign athletes fully funded (in most cases) by their governments, this
leaves the playing field uneven. Furthermore, there are very few training centers that can provide
not only qualified elite level training, but also a supportive training environment for aspiring

AEA Solution

With the mission of combating these problems, the Association of Elite Athlete’s Foundation
has developed an effective and unique program that marries the character development elements
of Tae Kwon Do with those of the Olympic ideals. This methodology has produced:
straight ‘A’ (from failing) students, clean cut and well spoken individuals, well mannered and
clear headed individuals with a strong sense of who they are and many Jr. national, national
and international champions (to include Steven Lopez, 2000 Olympic gold medallist). The
focus is on creating champions in life, not only in the ring.

Goals and Objectives

Tae Kwon Do is an ancient art that’s primary purpose is the development of character through
mental, physical and spirit (development) training. It is a tactile discipline that offers the practitioner
a tangible means of success development. Married with the Olympic ideal, Tae Kwon
Do represents a deeper meaning and an extraordinarily powerful means of developing life
skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

All martial arts primary core focus is: courtesy, integrity, self-control, indomitable spirit,
discipline, courage and perseverance. These qualities are developed through the intensive
physical, mental and spirit (development) training of Olympic-style Tae Kwon Do training.
Participants learn core life lessons in preparedness, discipline, pride, focus and other elements
that create success in all aspects of life through Tae Kwon Do training. Life will always provide
the ultimate challenges for any individual. The control of emotion and how to channel that
energy creates mastery and ultimately success in life.

Furthermore, at risk children benefit from exposure to world-class athletes and Olympians
making success tangible and not just an ideal. Success becomes real to them, which has made
AEA programs very successful. Similarly, these world-class athletes learn the true rewards of
reaching the top: giving back and helping others in need.

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