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About the Association of Elite Athletes

Through the spirit and internal fortitude of Tae Kwon Do and Olympic ideals, the Association
of Elite Athletes (AEA) has evoked an awakening in the hearts and minds of its students. The
AEA was created by athletes for the betterment of the community, both in the competitive arena
and in life. AEA sponsored athletes perform on the highest level, because of a deep and profound
belief in its principles and the privilege of giving back. These individuals receive an education
in the rewards of discipline and character building aspects of Tae Kwon Do / Olympic pursuits.
As a result of this uncommon spirit, AEA grant recipients have conquered a myriad of challenges
and have learned to reach dreams they originally believed beyond their reach.

The Association of Elite Athletes, Inc. is the brainchild of two of the world’s top Elite athletes/
martial artists: Masters Paris Amani and Jean Lopez. The duo served as captains together for
many years on the U.S. National Team. Amani and Lopez anxious to give something back to
society formed the AEA in 1997, as a means of reaching out to a generation of misguided
youth. Since its inception the AEA has redirected Houston’s youth and taught them to reach
for their dreams. The AEA continues to produce champions in life: from 2000 Olympic gold
medallist Steven Lopez, to changing the lives of at risk youth. AEA programs demonstrate an
unprecedented level of dedication and commitment. Through the integration of the character
building principles of Olympic ideals and martial arts, destiny becomes choice not chance. It is
with this heart that the Association of Elite Athletes Foundation was born.

The Association of Elite Athletes, Inc. seeks to provide the necessary funding to Olympic
hopefuls and current Olympic athletes necessary to bridge the substantial funding gap of international
Olympic (professional) Teams. AEA strives to eliminate the lack of qualified mentors
to children who society would throw away. By placing these at risk children in apprentice
relationships with Olympians, the AEA has not only given hope to these children, but also
shown them the way to success.

AEA athletes are true martial artists: scholastic leaders, well spoken, clean cut, courteous and
world leaders in their sport. These athletes serve as not only the role models of Houston’s youth,
but their mentors as well. They serve as tangible examples of success... success that becomes real
to them and not just a concept, representing an invaluable asset to our community.

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